Vegan Outdoor Adventures Shirt Presale

On December 15, 2014 (I remember perfectly, because it was my birthday), my boyfriend and I were hiking a 10 mile loop in the Adirondack High Peaks.

Start at The Garden trailhead, over the Brothers and up Big Slide Mountain for an amazing view of the Great Range, down along Slide Mountain Brook and back out to The Garden.

View from Big Slide Mountain, Adirondack High Peaks

View from Big Slide Mountain, Adirondack High Peaks

We were talking during the hike about how some people think you can’t get outdoors without using animal products. I was feeling a little sassy, being my birthday and all, and I was commenting on how they’re so wrong.

And then it came to me.

No wool. No down. No leather. No problem.
Evan climbing in his Vegan Outdoor Adventures shirt

Evan climbing at Bluff Point State Park in Groton, CT

I loved it. I thought it was the greatest thing I’ve ever come up with. We thought it would make a great shirt, and that vegans would love it. And they did.

Michelle in Yosemite National Park, wich El Capitan in the background

Michelle in Yosemite National Park, with El Capitan in the background

I sold bunches of the shirts last year and it always makes me so excited to see your photos on social media, wearing the shirts and having a blast, whether inside or outside.

Colton, Stevie & Cheyanne on the Appalachian Trail last year

Colton, Stevie & Cheyanne on the Appalachian Trail last year

The shirts have been sold out for a few months, but they’re about to be back, and I’m also introducing a new design.

Kristin of Will Travel for Vegan Food in Pagosa Springs, CO

Kristin of Will Travel for Vegan Food in Pagosa Springs, CO

The original design (as seen in the photos above) will be available in tech tees – men’s and women’s sizes in short sleeve – and men’s sizes in long sleeve. More colors will be available this time around, too.

And here’s the new design. Isn’t it cute? This one will be available in organic cotton short sleeve, men’s and women’s sizes.

VOA Deer Girls tee mock white2VOA Deer Mens tee mock white2

Presale will begin on Monday, February 8th. And shirts will ship after February 23rd.


Special thanks to my friends Kate at Advokate for designing the hiker deer and Lin at Motive Company for designing the mountain shirt and printing the shirts.

Have a photo with your Vegan Outdoor Adventures shirt on? Share it on social media and tag #veganoutdooradventures. I love seeing what you’re up to and I repost some of them on Instagram, too!

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February Feature: Vegan-friendly Guiding Company Sweden Outdoor Life

[This year on Vegan Outdoor Adventures I want to feature a different vegan or vegan-friendly outdoor business each month.This month, I’m featuring Sweden Outdoor Life, a vegan-friendly guiding company that takes people on tours of the Swedish backcountry.]

12309862_906360282791109_8727851081555503906_oFrom Sweden Outdoor Life: “We arrange adventure trips in the mountains of Sweden. These mountains offer northern lights and bottomless snow during winter and midnight sun with thriving wildlife during summer. We invite you to live this experience. On all our trips we serve home-dried gourmet vegetarian food, and we are very happy to arrange vegan food for you!”

>> Find them on the web and Facebook. <<

> Find out more about upcoming trips here. <<

Check out this video for a glimpse of what you can expect on one of the tours:

A couple of months ago Sweden Outdoor Life co-founder and guide, Johan Ruben Lundström reached out to me, wanting to collaborate. I thought my planned monthly features would be an excellent place to start. Read on to find out more about the company. I dare you not to start daydreaming about exploring these incredible Swedish landscapes!

Badjelánnda National Park in Swedish Lapland. Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

Badjelánnda National Park in Swedish Lapland. Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

Exerpt from a Sweden Outdoor Life trip diary:

“Cold morning but a lot of warm quinoa and oats for breakfast. As we skied, the weather got better and better. The clouds covering the sun disappeared and we found ourselves surrounded by an amazing landscape of rolling hills and glimmering snow. We skied along a river in a wide valley until some climbing was needed to go eastwards toward Vaimok. When we finally had lunch, we had skied around 12km and completed most of the ascent. As soon as we sat down the whole sky turned even bluer and a strong sun heated us up. We had a two hour lunch with a long sun nap… The last two hours we spent crossing lakes and skiing down a nice downslope in which we could practice skiing technique. Everyone did very well! Both of the guides soon started having a strong urge for a styrofoam seat and rapidly made it to the huts. There we enjoyed the comfort of STF (Swedish Tourism Association) huts with large spaces, separate sleeping rooms, an open fireplace and a happy hutkeeper. After dinner we made a huge quantity of apple pie with vanilla sauce. Planning to eat the leftovers in tomorrow’s wind shelter. Sleep-in tomorrow. Approx. 20km today”

Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

Learn more about Ruben and Sweden Outdoor Life in this Q&A:

Vegan Outdoor Adventures: What led you to start Sweden Outdoor Life?

Ruben: Well, my interest for the beautiful Swedish mountains was awoken early when my mum took me with her on her many mountain hikes in summer as well as winter. She even took me on the sled at times. So my interest was awoken early… Later I met with my guide friend Adam in the military service as a mountain ranger in the arctic region of Sweden, and we shared and learnt a lot from that period. It gave us confidence for guiding people to the outdoor life, which we coupled to our appreciation for the mountains. We realized we could actually help other people learn to appreciate this natural wilderness! After some years guiding friends to the mountains I bumped into Adirondack 46er Neal Andrews. He came to one of our trips and made us truly realize the value of the Swedish outdoors. And that we needed to do more outreach to help people internationally to come to find this amazing region. To finance this, Sweden Outdoor Life was born. Not with any interest or belief that we could make money, but simply to reach out further and to engage ourselves more in guiding people to the Swedish outdoor life…

Guides Ruben and Adam. Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

Guides Ruben and Adam. Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

How many trips have you guided to date?

Ruben: We have guided at least 2 trips per winter for friends since 2010, and after the start of our company around 2013 we have guided a couple of summer as well as winter trips each year. Good hike planning takes time, and we are both also pursuing engineering degrees in Sweden!

VOA: What are some examples of vegan meals and snacks you serve on your guided trips?

Ruben: We always dry and prepare the food ourselves, to ensure the highest quality and yumminess. So for the warm lunch and dinner we prepare every day we can offer for example root vegetable stew, soya baked cabbage with peanuts, quinoa with sun dried tomatoes and pesto, an amazing chili con beans, and of course thermoses full of Swedish blueberry soup. Breakfasts with oats or quinoa with a lot of healthy seeds and lingonberry jam. We want to offer a healthy mountain gourmet for everyone to see the benefits of a vegan or vegetarian diet. And it keeps the group morale high to have tasty food!


Can you imagine camping here?! Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

Can you imagine camping here?! Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

VOA: Your website says you work to minimize environmental impact on your trips. What kinds of things does this include?

Ruben: Vegetarian or vegan food is the largest contribution. For example, Scarborough et al. (2014) report that dietary green-house gas emissions for meat eaters are approximately twice as high as those for vegans. We also always go to the trip location with common transport methods like school buses, and while there we don’t take any snow mobiles or such to go further. We like travelling manually using our own muscles. So no noice or environmental pollution from machines. We always use the most clean fuel for our stoves. Another important aspect is that we plan carefully the routes according to the wishes of the indigenous people Sami. Among other things they herd reindeer we want to avoid disturbing. We also try to aid customers when they buy any needed personal equipment, so that they chose vegan friendly alternatives. Anything more you think about I could do? Tell me!

VOA: Where have people traveled from to join your guided trips?

Ruben: So far we have actually had most guests from the Adirondack region, which is why I’m so excited to have the opportunity to cooperate with Jessica from Vegan Outdoor Adventure; based in this very region! After a Swedish winter adventure presentation me and Adam held for the Geneseean valley chapter we are even more positive to the cooperation with the happy Adirondackers. But we do of course gladly invite people from all over the world!

VOA: Do you have any vegan gear that you’d consider essential to your guided trips?

Ruben: I have to admit that it’s been very hard to find some vegan friendly and trustworthy backcountry skiing boots. Especially for me with really cold feet. I need the very best and love to have an inner shoe inside the BC shoe… Does anyone have a good advice?

Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

VOA: You serve home-dried gourmet vegetarian food on your guided trips. How do people react when they realize that they’ll be eating vegetarian?

Ruben: That is something we try to communicate early on in our marketing so I have yet to find people surprised on the actual trip. But we want to be proud of our vegetarianism and use it as much as we can to our advantage. Having said that, we do often have to “justify” this dietary choice from an environmental perspectice. We market ourself as a company that does trips in harmony with nature. That can be used as a logical reason to the choice of vegetarian food (especially when those who love meat are questioning why we don’t serve meat).

VOA: Do you get many requests for vegan meals?

Ruben: Actually this is the only way we want to run this company. Me and Adam are both vegetarians, and do not want to prepare food with meat even if we get payed for it. So our choice of serving vegetarian and/or vegan food is not so much due to customer request, but for personal ideas regarding the rights and obligations of humans. Having said that… as of yet, sadly not many customers have shown specific appreciation for the choice of only serving vegetarian or vegan meals. But we hope that such customers will begin to find us!


Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

VOA: What upcoming trips do you have planned?

Ruben: I’d be so happy if you wanted us to join us for this winter trip to Padjelanta National Park. This is part of the world heritage site Laponia, the largest wilderness area in the world with an ancestral way of nomadic herding of animals (by the indigenous Sami). Check out more [about the region] here! We will ski past impressive peaks, watch the nordic lights in the night, and sleep in simple but comfortable mountain cabins. This also allows for voluntary yoga in morning or evenings, which I gladly will lead for you :) . We also have some amazing hikes planned for this summer in Sarek National Park. When the wildlife is really thriving, using every second of the short summer season. Keep updated on our facebook page and on our newsletter!

VOA: How far in advance should people plan to book?

Ruben: The sooner, the easier for us to plan and the cheaper for you. Flights are also cheaper if booked in advance. Having said that, I’d be so happy to have you join us for our planned winter adventures this winter! Simply email me today [guide AT swedenoutdoorlife DOT com] and I will arrange a special Vegan Outdoor Adventure discount for you :) .

VOA: What’s your favorite part about living in Sweden?

Ruben: That I can fully live the outdoor life! Actually I’m currently living in Norway and everyone here is just crazy about their mountain hikes. Every weekend the town becomes a ghost city, and the roads leaving town are completely jammed with cars. This however also becomes a slight inconveniece as you need to go to very remote areas to be completely alone and meet nature… And that is what I love to do. Meet and live nature.

VOA: You recently visited Canada and the US. What brought you to North America?

Ruben: On my way home from Colombia (in south america) where I studied and hiked for half a year! Of course I also wanted to meet my friends around the Adirondacks, though I never got to hike the mountains as I caught a cold in Toronto. Canada attracted me because I got the chance to attend a two-week yoga retreat. Which I also did, and learnt a lot of good things to bring home and use in my outdoor adventures. My next challenge is how to combine winter and snow with outdoor yoga, preferably under the northern lights…

VOA: What’s the most epic outdoor adventure you’ve ever been on?

Ruben: They are all epic, but of course I would like to put forward the crossing of the last wilderness of Europe last winter; Sarek National Park in Sweden. Have a look at the video of Sarek you find [at the top of] this page and be amazed. I have no good words to describe this amazing scenery.

Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

VOA: As someone who has never been to Sweden, what could I expect to encounter on your guided trips?

Ruben: I think Neal Andrews, the 46er I mentioned before, said it best after his first adventure in the Swedish mountain wilderness: We don’t have anything like this at home. You have to go to the Arctic. So open. No people. No trees. The vast rolling expanses and the true feeling of having so much space. The typical feeling small before the wonders of nature.” There is a rich and interesting indigenous Sami culture you will encounter during the trip, you will experience a beautiful and wild mountain wilderness, and you will have a genuine feeling of freedom to bring back home.

VOA: Have you been on any adventures outside of Sweden?

Ruben: Having spent 6 months in Colombia, I must say that this is also a great place to go on mountain hikes. On my last adventure I had the pleasure of having two ADKers joining me, one of which was struck by serious high altitude issues… Something I’ve never seen before in the relatively low altitude mountain of Sweden; where the tree-line is however found already at 600 meters as Sweden is so far north!

VOA: Thank you so much, Ruben! I look forward to following your adventures, and hopefully someday visiting Sweden and exploring the wilderness with you and Sweden Outdoor Life!

Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

Photo credit: Sweden Outdoor Life

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2015 Adventure Review

As 2016 is getting started, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting, as I’m sure many of you have.

I was inspired by this 2015 Year in Review post from my friends at Pure Adirondacks. I enjoyed seeing what they were up to last year and thought it would be fun to do my own!

I’m so lucky to live so close to the Adirondack Mountains and have so many opportunities for adventures. Here’s what I was up to last year:


Guess I had a busy start to the year because I didn’t make it out for any adventures.


February was a very snowy month and I got out a few times to enjoy the fresh powder.

I headed out during a snow storm with my friends Marguerite, Rachael and Portia to Thomas Mountain. Just getting to the trailhead in my little Scion XD (without snow tires) was a challenge, but the hike was perfect. So much soft, fresh snow!
2015-02-08 11.09.54 Read more →


BaseCamp Mallorca: an Ecofriendly and Sustainable Sportscamp

Friends, this is exciting.

I have met so many cool people through running this website and so many of you are doing awesome things.

The latest I’ve found out about is Dinko Skopljak and his project BaseCamp Mallorca.

This will be an ecofriendly and sustainable sportscamp on Mallorca for people looking for adventures while wanting to enjoy and respect nature while they stay.

According to their website, “BaseCamp Mallorca is the starting point for the best adventures of your life. Whether you are rocking trails on your mountain bike, getting in shape for the next Ironman, checking out the best deep water soloing and rock climbing spots with your buddies, or just kite surfing in the Mediterranean sun – this is where the action starts. This is the place for really awesome adventures.” Read more →


Vegan Chili Cheese Dogs: A review of Nacheez and Good To-Go

A couple of months ago I went on a two night camping trip with some friends. I love pretty much any time spent in the woods, but car camping meant one very important thing: I could bring anything I wanted!

Backpacking is awesome, but having to carry everything on your back can lead to either leaving some things at home, or regretting all of the luxury items weighing you down for the whole trip.

Because we were car camping, the first thing I thought of was how much food I could bring, naturally. I mean, I am a vegan. It’s what we do.

One of my favorite camping meals is chili dogs. But this time, they were to be even more epic because the lovely Ilsa of Nacheez Dairy-Free Nacho Sauce had sent me some free packets to try out!

Photo from www.Nacheez.com

Photo from www.Nacheez.com

I’d also be using my absolute favorite chili for camp chili dogs, the Smoked Three Bean Chili from Good To-Go, a company in Maine that makes gourmet dehydrated foods. So much better than the freeze dried stuff!

Photo from www.goodto-go.com

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Vegan Hiking Sock Giveaway

Hello, friends! It’s been awhile, and I apologize for my relative absence lately.

But I’ve got some exciting news: My friends at Fountain Square Outfitters have offered to team up with me for a giveaway!

We’ll be giving away one pair of Darn Tough Vermont Coolmax vegan hiking socks (my personal fave) to one lucky winner.

Photo credit: Darn Tough Vermont, darntough.com

Photo credit: Darn Tough Vermont, darntough.com

Darn Tough Vermont Coolmax socks are awesome because they keep my feet dry and comfy on all of my adventures. They wick away moisture and dry quickly. Read more →


Vegan Outdoor Clothing: How to pack and dress for a snowy fall hike

In the northern Adirondacks, especially at the higher elevations, fall is more like early winter. I think by this point it’s obvious how much I adore winter hiking, so I was pretty excited to head up there a couple of weeks ago and enjoy the snowy mountains.


Fall hikes at home, in the Southeastern Adirondacks around Lake George are still mild temperatures and leaf peeping, so it was important that I dress and pack appropriately for a colder weather hike.

Here’s a look at what I wore and packed for a fall hike in the Adirondack High Peaks Read more →


How to get your local outfitter on board with vegan gear

To stay up to date on this new project enter your email below. You’ll also hear from me when I add new vegan gear to the lists, run a contest, or have other news I think you should know.

Let’s face it, being vegan comes with some difficulties. Finding food to eat at restaurants, explaining to your new friends why you don’t want to go to the zoo with them. Most of all… buying outdoor gear.

Photo credit: The Mountaineer, Keene Valley, NY

Photo credit: The Mountaineer, Keene Valley, NY

Imagine walking into your local outfitter shop and the employees knowing exactly where to point you when you ask about vegan hiking socks, vegan sleeping bags, vegan hiking boots.

I’ve been working for the last year and a half, contacting gear manufacturers to ask about their vegan options and to also show them what vegans are looking for in outdoor gear and that there is a thriving market for the synthetic stuff.

But to be really successful in making the outdoor gear world a more vegan-friendly place, I think the contact needs to be two-fold.

Just because Patagonia knows that their Nano Puff jackets are vegan, doesn’t mean the folks at the gear shop do. So I’m going to be reaching out to gear shops as well. To cover all of our bases.

Getting outfitters on board with this will make your life even easier when it comes to buying gear for your next adventure.

Fountain Square Outfitters, Glens Falls, NY

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Vegan Sleeping Bags Pt 2

Great news, friends! And just in time for camping season.

I know, I know… It’s always camping season if you’ve got the right gear. Now where did I hear that before?

I’ve just completely revamped the Where to Find Vegan Sleeping Bags page, and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect bag for your adventures with all of the options available.

Warm weather car camping? Try the REI Siesta!

REI Siesta

REI Siesta

Cold weather backpacking? Try the Mountain Hardwear HyperLamina Torch 0 degree bag. It only weighs 3 lbs 4 oz!

Mountain Hardwear Hyperlamina Torch

Mountain Hardwear Hyperlamina Torch

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