5 Must-Have Pieces of Vegan Gear for Spring Hiking

Here in the Southern Adirondacks it was 52 degrees earlier this week! I was so excited that I went for a [very soggy] run.

Oh, right. I always forget about that completely wet and muddy transitional period that follows winter.

Lake Arnold Trail, Adirondack High Peaks

Lake Arnold Trail, Adirondack High Peaks

And while getting messy can be tons of fun, it will also affect the season’s hiking adventures. But don’t let it stop you. All you need is the right gear and some pre-hike prep!

So here are my five must-haves for spring hikes:

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Vegan Hiking Boots Part 2

A little over a year ago, I was talking with my boyfriend about how frustrating it can be to find hiking boots as a vegan.

Sure, it’s easy enough to find out if a boot is made of leather or suede. But what about glues? They don’t list what those are made of on the tags.hikingbootsmeme

And I’ve found out that some companies aren’t even sure what the glues used in their boots are made of.

That’s when the idea for VeganOutdoorAdventures.com was born!

I’ve taken the extra step to contact gear manufacturers to find out exactly what their products are made of so you don’t have to spend your valuable time doing it.

If a company couldn’t give me an answer for certain or if they change up their glues so often that they can’t guarantee what type is used at any given point, I haven’t included them on this website. Read more →


Gear Review: Patagonia Layering System: Vegan Style

Aaaaaand we’re back with another Vegan Gear Review for you!

This one is all about layering, which I talk about quite often. It’s so important to have non-cotton, synthetic layers to keep you warm/cool/dry/happy on your adventures!

Kristin Wuhrman, owner of BEVEGAN® Plant-Based Health Coaching, is an animal lover (she lives with more cats than I do… pretty impressive!), vegan athlete and outdoor enthusiast. And she’s lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest! Talk about epic adventures!

So head on over to the Gear Review page and check out the Patagonia Layering System: Vegan Style!

New Gear Review: Patagonia Layering System: Vegan Style by Kristin Wuhrman

New Gear Review: Patagonia Layering System: Vegan Style by Kristin Wuhrman

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How to Pack for a Short Winter Day Hike

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend two gloriously snowy days outdoors, on short day hikes in the Adirondack Mountains.

The hikes were just three and four miles round trip. In the warmer months, these would’ve been no sweat (unless it’s really hot, and then they’d be really sweaty), but with the cold weather and freshly fallen (and still falling!) snow, extra precautions needed to be taken.

So I wanted to share with you what I packed to take with me, and what I wore for my outer layers and footwear.

Obviously what you bring and wear on a winter hike depends greatly on the temperature, weather and trail conditions, so it’s important to do your research and correctly prepare, no matter how easy you think the day will be.

Vegan gear for a short winter day hike in the mountains

Vegan gear for a short winter day hike in the mountains

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Gear Review: Zamberlan SH Crosser Plus GTX RR Vegan Hiking Boot Review

Here we are with Gear Review #2!

Jim Van Alstine is back at it with another vegan hiking boot review for you!

This time he’s reviewed the Zamberlan SH Crosser Plus GTX RR. It really sounds like a great boot!

A quick snippet:

Within the category of light, mid-hikers, this Zamberlan boot excels in support and stability, feeling much like a heavy weight hiker, without the burden of the extra weight, weighing in at just two pounds, six ounces.

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Gear Review: TrekSta Evolution Mid GTX Vegan Hiking Boot Review

I told you they were coming soon to VeganOutdoorAdventures.com.

And that they were going to be awesome.

And help you figure out which products you should go for when you’re in the market for something.

I’m talking about Gear Reviews.

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Where to Find Vegan Insulated Jackets

Non-vegans are always going on and on about how down is the best insulation and nothing else can compare. Whether or not that’s true, for us super compassionate peeps down will never be an option.

So it’s great news that synthetic insulations have come a long way and they just keep getting better. Many boast an equivalent warmth to down, with the added bonus that the synthetic stuff still keeps you warm even when it gets wet. Booya! Read more →


Darn Tough Vermont Coolmax Vegan Hiking Sock Giveaway

Darn Tough Vermont makes, in my opinion, the best vegan hiking socks. Their Coolmax socks are made to keep your feet comfy and dry. They’re synthetic. And they’re guaranteed for life.


I’d wear Darn Tough socks every day if I had enough pairs. Really. Read more →


Top 5 Reasons Winter Hiking is the Best

Hiking to Big Slide Mountain, Adirondack High Peaks, NY

Hiking to Big Slide Mountain, Adirondack High Peaks, NY

You love it or you hate it.

A lot of people don’t do it because they don’t like being cold. Or spending extra money on gear they don’t need the rest of the year.

I’m talking about winter hiking. And I love it.

If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend it and here are my top 5 reasons why winter hiking is the best: Read more →


Three Must-Read Mountaineering Books

Hey friends, happy holidays!

It’s that crazy time of year…. family gatherings, cooking and baking nonstop, shopping, holiday parties, working around the clock…

If you’re anything like me, your schedule has been so chaotic lately that you haven’t had a ton of time to get outdoors and enjoy nature.

When this happens, I love sitting down with a good mountaineering book and reading about grand adventures on the biggest mountains on the planet. Read more →


Vegan Outdoor Adventures in MF Collective Magazine

About a month ago I was asked to participate in the very first issue of MF Collective the magazine by Maggie Farquhar, MF Collective’s founder.

MF Collective is a quarterly magazine with essays and inspiration for all things lifestyle. It features essays, articles and recipes for young adults looking for ways to break the mold and become ultra independent while educating themselves on social issues like animal rights and feminism. Read more →


Mount Washington Adventure

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to get the chance to climb Mt Washington, the highest mountain in the northeast. It had been a goal of mine for a few years actually, so accomplishing it was really exciting for me. I got to share the experience with my love, Andrew, his sister and one of my closest friends, Marguerite, and her husband, Nick. And I wanted to share some pictures from the trip with you!


Home away from home

We stayed at the Dry River Campground in Crawford Notch State Park, a truly beautiful area. The drive to Mount Washington from our campsite was about half an hour and the views of the surrounding mountains made every minute of the drive incredible. I swear, I can look at mountains all day every day and never get bored. Read more →


Where to Find Vegan Trail Runners

Trail runners are great for hiking as well as … trail running, obviously! There are tons of options out there. Take a look at the newest gear page here and I’m sure you’ll see a few that fit your needs. And then get out into the woods!

Where can I find vegan trail runners?

Where can I find vegan trail runners?

I’ve got a pair of the TrekSta Edicts and I love them for both day hikes and overnight backpacking trips, as long as it’s warmish and the trails are pretty dry. They’re nice and light and my legs don’t get as tired as they do when I’m wearing big hiking boots. Read more →


Hiking Safely During Hunting Season

Autumn hiking isn’t all fall foliage, cooler temps and fewer biting bugs. It’s also hunting season.


Blaze orange hiking vest, available from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy site.

Obviously as a vegan, I’m against hunting. But I also understand that I’ll be sharing the woods with hunters for the next couple of months and it’s important to be prepared and cautious. Read more →


Where to Find Vegan Technical Winter Gloves

A couple of months ago, I was asked to research vegan options for technical winter gloves. You know, the kind that keep your hands warm and still provide you with enough dexterity to do the things you need to do? Verrrrry important pieces of gear to have!

Outdoor Research areteWhether you’re ice climbing, mountaineering or just hiking around in the winter, Read more →


Vegan Winter Hiking Tips

Fair weather hiking requires less gear and often times less planning and preparation than winter hiking. So why do it? Because winter hiking gives you an all new perspective, even on trails you’ve hiked a zillion times. The fresh snow is so beautiful, and so are the ice sculptures on the tree branches and pine needles. The woods seem so much quieter without the throngs of summer hikers.


Snowy hike up Phelps Mountain in the Adirondack High Peaks

That being said, there are some important things to remember when hiking in colder weather. Read more →


Where to Find Vegan Sport Sandals

Vegan Sport Sandals are a necessity in the warmer months for playing outside, chilling around camp or even short hikes.


Sport Sandals Square

KEEN is hopefully going to be finished with their audit soon and then I’ll find out whether or not their glues are synthetic. Until then, we have 100% synthetic options from Teva, LUNA & Chaco. So check them out on the Vegan Sport Sandals page and let me know what you think!

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Cascade Mountain Adventure

Over the years, I’ve hiked some of the Adirondack High Peaks. These are the 46 mountains in the Adirondack Park that are 4,000 feet or taller.

I was vegetarian for some of them, so I’ve decided to re-hike all of them as a vegan. Earlier this spring I hiked Phelps Mountain, and a few weeks ago, I hiked Cascade Mountain with my boyfriend and one of his friends, in town from Colorado.


View of Cascade Mountain from the road near the trailhead

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Where to Find Vegan Sleeping Bags

Camping, who doesn’t love it? Fresh air, forest friends, camp fires. It really doesn’t get any better than waking up in nature!


There are endless amounts of sleeping bags available, but many are made with down. Geese need their feathers, and we can definitely stay warm and cozy without them. We don’t need no down!

Check out my Vegan Sleeping Bags page for a collection from The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Marmot & Kelty which includes a wide range of temperature ratings and weights, so check them out and pick one that’s just right for your adventure style!



Am I missing any? Own one of these? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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Q&A with Vegan Thru-Hiker Sam Maron


In 2009, Sam Maron hiked every day for about six months. That, in itself, is pretty cool. Add to it that he actually hiked from George to Maine, approximately 2,200 miles on the Appalachian Trail, and that “pretty cool” gets taken up a few notches to “totally awesome”!

I’ve recently connected with Sam, via his blog Backpacking Vegan, and asked him a few questions about his epic hike. Hope you enjoy, and be sure to check out his site. There’s loads of helpful info on long-distance hiking, vegan-style! Read more →


Where to Find Vegan Hiking Socks

How many times have you picked up a pair of hiking socks, thinking they look pretty good, only to turn them over and see that they contain wool? I’ve definitely been there!

I’ve turned this post into an actual gear page, which you can find here: Where to Find Vegan Hiking Socks

Darn Tough Vermont Women's Coolmax

Each of these companies makes many styles, so be sure you’re purchasing the synthetic versions.

What are your go-to hiking socks? Check out the comments below and then head on over to the Vegan Hiking Socks gear page.

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Where to find vegan hiking boots

It’s the main reason I wanted to start this website: hiking boots

I haven’t gotten a new pair in a few years because every time I started to look online I got frustrated. I want to compile the ultimate collection of vegan outdoor gear on VeganOutdoorAdventures.com! Read more →


My Phelps Mountain Adventure!


(That’s me up there! With Mount Marcy and Mount Colden in the backround!)

My love, Andrew, and I had been itching to get into the mountains for some time now, but it always seems like our days off don’t match up or something was going already going on. Well, we finally had a Sunday off together and the weather forecast was perfect! Yes! Read more →


Interview with vegan adventurer Kuntal Joisher

I was lucky enough to snag some last minute interview questions from Kuntal Joisher, who is beginning his ascent of Mount Everest tomorrow! I’ve been so excited about his epic adventure ever since I found out there was a vegan attempting Everest a few months ago, although I was surprised that I hadn’t heard about it sooner.

“Why didn’t I hear about this? Why isn’t everyone excited about this?!?” Read more →


Welcome to Vegan Outdoor Adventures!


Are you tired of scouring the internet looking for cruelty-free outdoor gear every time you need something new? I know I am. That’s what prompted me to start this project. There are so many vegans engaged in active outdoor lifestyles but no place to go for all of your news, gear links and reviews, athlete profiles, recommended adventures, etc.

So this is going to be it! Check back often while I work on getting content up and let me know what you want to see here.

Until next time, adventure on vegan friends!