Vegan Outdoor Clothing: How to pack and dress for a snowy fall hike

In the northern Adirondacks, especially at the higher elevations, fall is more like early winter. I think by this point it’s obvious how much I adore winter hiking, so I was pretty excited to head up there a couple of weeks ago and enjoy the snowy mountains.


Fall hikes at home, in the Southeastern Adirondacks around Lake George are still mild temperatures and leaf peeping, so it was important that I dress and pack appropriately for a colder weather hike.

Here’s a look at what I wore and packed for a fall hike in the Adirondack High Peaks




Columbia Omni Heat Thermal Top (also in men’s): Moisture-wicking shirt with heat-reflective technology as a base layer kept me warm on a chilly day.

Vegan Outdoor Adventures Polyester shirt 10501713_10153110243522539_8677418669581188693_n

Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket (also in men’s): Wind-proof and water resistant. I wore it as my top layer for most of the hike, adding a shell on top for the windy higher elevations.

The North Face Cinnabar shell: Wind-proof and waterproof. (In pack, for higher elevation and windy summits.) I prefer my Nano Puff to the insulated liner jacket of the Cinnabar, but I absolutely love the shell and bring it on every hike.

The North Face Glacier 1/4 zip fleece (in pack in case I got cold and needed an extra layer)

EMS Techwick Midweight Base layer (bottoms) (also in men’s)

Snowpants: I’ve misplaced mine after moving into a new house a couple of months ago. So I borrowed my boyfrend’s. I’m sure I’ll find them soon!

Thorlos Thick Cushion Synthetic Hiking Socks  (also in men’s) (2 extra pair in pack)12194978_10153110235222539_2787313033204425630_oEco Vegan Shoes All Terrain Pro Waterproof Hiker: These boots kept my feet warm and dry for the entire 9.5 hour hike through mud and open streams at lower elevations as well as the snow at higher elevations.

I also had two pairs of gloves, my hat and neck warmer, first aid kit, compass, microspikes, map and trail book, headlamp, sunglasses, trekking poles & more food than I needed.

Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite layers for cold weather hikes are!

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How to get your local outfitter on board with vegan gear

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Let’s face it, being vegan comes with some difficulties. Finding food to eat at restaurants, explaining to your new friends why you don’t want to go to the zoo with them. Most of all… buying outdoor gear.

Photo credit: The Mountaineer, Keene Valley, NY

Photo credit: The Mountaineer, Keene Valley, NY

Imagine walking into your local outfitter shop and the employees knowing exactly where to point you when you ask about vegan hiking socks, vegan sleeping bags, vegan hiking boots.

I’ve been working for the last year and a half, contacting gear manufacturers to ask about their vegan options and to also show them what vegans are looking for in outdoor gear and that there is a thriving market for the synthetic stuff.

But to be really successful in making the outdoor gear world a more vegan-friendly place, I think the contact needs to be two-fold.

Just because Patagonia knows that their Nano Puff jackets are vegan, doesn’t mean the folks at the gear shop do. So I’m going to be reaching out to gear shops as well. To cover all of our bases.

Getting outfitters on board with this will make your life even easier when it comes to buying gear for your next adventure.

Fountain Square Outfitters, Glens Falls, NY
Photo Credit: Fountain Square Outfitters, Glens Falls, NY

Photo Credit: Fountain Square Outfitters, Glens Falls, NY

I know this is the case, because I’m lucky enough to have Fountain Square Outfitters just a few blocks from my apartment. I absolutely love them!

They’re always so excited to tell me about the new vegan gear they’re stocking (hello, Olu Kai!) and more than happy to check in with manufacturers on something for me. Because they’ve got the contacts!

Since getting to know the awesome owners and staff at FSO, my gear buying experience has gone from one of frustration, anxiety and ultimately giving up to something I look forward to. It really helps having someone who genuinely cares about what I’m looking for. I don’t have to wonder, “Are they just telling me this is vegan so I’ll buy it?”

Believe me. It makes a difference.

Looking ahead

So let’s look forward to your next trip to the shop. You walk in, mention to the person working that you’re vegan and their face lights up, because they know exactly what you’re looking for.

And maybe those products are even clearly labeled as vegan. Can you imagine?

It’s time to help our local outfitters get on the vegan bandwagon. We want vegan options and people who know what we’re talking about, and we want these things now!

Of course, we’re obviously going to ask nicely.

We’re going to take our gear buying trips to a new level of awesome and easy. And it’s going to be the best thing ever.

But it’s not a one woman job, and I’m definitely going to need your help. So here’s the next step.

Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your gear shop:

  • Their name, location, website.
  • Are you acquainted with the owners/staff?
  • What vegan products do they currently carry?
  • Are the knowledgeable about vegan products/open to learning more?
  • Anything else you think I should know

And then share this with your friends, whether they’re also outdoorsy vegans, or maybe they work at a gear shop. The more people we get involved in this, the more awesome the results will be.

I’m super excited about this and I hope you are, too!


Vegan Sleeping Bags Pt 2

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REI Siesta

REI Siesta

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Mountain Hardwear Hyperlamina Torch

Mountain Hardwear Hyperlamina Torch

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Head to the forums now to join in the fun!

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